Invoke Your Right to Remain Silent When Charged With a Crime

Police officers who investigate crime use a variety of techniques to pressure a suspect into confessing to a crime, whether they’ve committed the crime or not. If you make it into an interrogation room, you may feel the pressure to say something to the officers or talk just so you can go home. Sometimes, anger causes a suspect to lash out and say things to officers as well. Neither situation should be one that causes you to talk. Invoke your right to remain silent and ensure that you have a fair chance in court.

As soon as you’ve made bond and get out of jail, get in touch with an attorney who practices criminal defense law columbia mo to discuss your case. An attorney will help you learn what to expect in the case and plan a defense that hopefully keeps you out of hot water and out of jail. It is never advisable to go to court to answer a criminal charge when there is a risk that you’ll go to jail or prison. An attorney ensures that your voice is heart in court and that you get a fair shot at justice.

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When you begin talking, you may think that no one is listening. You may try to spark a reaction from the officer by making snide or rude comments. In either situation, the words that you speak may not help you in court. You may think that what you say is not harmful to your case but it can very much be harmful in so many ways.  The last thing that you want to happen is a conviction based off of something that you said to an officer, even if it was simply to invoke a reaction.